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11. Networking

The networking area of an event allows participants to talk on video calls with other participants or join existing conversations of up to 4 people.

Once entering the networking area, participants can immediately initiate a conversation with one of the suggested participants or join an existing conversation with free space.

Participants are available to receive networking calls in two situations:

If the present system is enabled and the user is available, and if the user is not in a call, others can initiate the conversation with them.
If the present system is not enabled and the user is inside the networking area without being in a call, other participants can initiate the conversation with them.

Attendees can also join existing conversations if they have less than 4 participants. If the participants of a conversation want to make it private, they can do so by clicking on the 🔒 lock icon on the conversation card inside the networking pane.

If you want to use other Networking tools instead of Veertly’s native one, you can configure a 3rd party system on the cockpit's configurations tab.

Updated on: 24/08/2021

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