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13. Polls

Polls help you make your event more interactive. This chapter shows you how to create polls for your event.

In the polls section, you can create a poll for your participants. The polls can contain several possible answers but participants can only select one option. You can add multiple answers and reorder them if you desire.

For each poll, you can select:

If you want to notify all attendees about the new poll or not
If the votes of your participants are anonymous or not (if not anonymous, you can download the results in the cockpit)
When the results are visible to the attendees (when the user has voted, when the poll has been closed, or never).

You can also embed other Poll-Tools

Like the networking area, you can also replace the default Veertly poll functionalities with a 3rd party solution. For that, you can set the URL of your desired system in the cockpit under the configuration tab.

For more solutions to enrich your event with polls and Q&A solutions, check our list of apps that can be integrated into Veertly: 🗳 Polls & Q&A

We recommend the following:

Aha slides




Pigeonhole live

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Updated on: 24/08/2021

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