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15. Add Cohosts and Speakers

Organizing an event alone is very challenging, so you can add your co-hosts to your events. You can (should!) also do speaker tests before the event and set the speaker role beforehand. How to add your cohosts and speakers is the topic of this chapter.

You can add hosts and speakers in two ways:

Promoting any user inside the event as a host or speaker
Add a guest user in your event with the HOST or SPEAKER role (check here on how to configure the guest access)

All the hosts of the event will have the same rights as the owner of the event, i.e. they will be able to manage rooms, categories, participants, polls, chat or broadcast messages, so be sure to give the rights only to the correct users. Hosts will also have access to the cockpit; however, they will need to login with a Google account or with their email to have access to it.

The speakers of the event, in addition to participant rights, can also access the backstage area.

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Updated on: 24/08/2021

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