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4. Customize Look & Feel and Event Maps

4. Customize Look & Feel and Event Maps

This chapter is all about customization

In Veertly, we are all about customization! We want you to have the event that you want and as you wish it to look like. That is why we allow you to change nearly all the colors and logos of your event.


You can customize your event's look and feel in the cockpit on the “Look & Feel” tab. Once you change any of the colors, they are automatically changed live on the event. Modify the navigation bar by renaming or removing features. All changes are made in real-time, so feel free to experiment!

To change the text in the navigation bar of your event, simply change the text here. To show or hide the buttons, use the sliders:

Navigation Bar

The change of colors is one of the most visible changes. So, switch to your colors and change the logo to have your own design.

Theme Colors

At different parts of the event, you can have custom event maps which you can also edit here.

Event map

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Updated on: 24/08/2021

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