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6. Broadcast

In the broadcast section, you can create a broadcast for your participants on the fly or launch the broadcasts you have prepared beforehand.

On the fly, you can define a welcome message, inform about activities going on in other places, promote your sponsors, forward your attendees to other locations of the event like a specific room or networking area, and much more.

You can do that by creating a message in the broadcast section of the navigation bar. Please check the videos below for more clarification and tips.

The broadcast messages can be configured with rich text, which allows you to create more interesting content to your audience. Also, you can play videos on the broadcast messages (for example to promote sponsors or to show a preview of a live stream) and also add action buttons to your messages to engage with the participants and drive them to other locations of the event (like for example to tell users to join the main stage with the direct button or the networking area once the time for networking has started).

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Updated on: 24/08/2021

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