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6. Configure Main Stage

6. This chapter is all about the main stage and how to change the program.

The main stage of your event can have one of two different modes:

Video conference: a video call where participants can actively interact with each other. This mode is recommended for smaller events of less than 20 people.

In this section, you can also configure the number of attendees that are allowed inside the video-conference call. Please note that the higher the number of participants in a call, the lower the quality you will have on for all participants. This highly depends on the performance capacity of each participant's computer and the network quality. The theoretical limit is 100 participants, but we do not recommend to set a limit higher than 30-40 participants.

Live stream: all attendees will watch a live stream which is showing the show. Speakers and hosts usually are in a different space (that we call backstage) which is then presented on the main stage via this broadcast mode. This mode is recommended for larger events.

If your event is configured with a live stream, as a host you can enable your attendees to activate a “mini player” allowing them to watch the main stage while navigating in the rest of the platform, for example being inside a room.

If your event is configured with a live stream, as a host you can also enable your attendees to enter directly into the live stream by activating the “Backstage” section of your event. The backstage area allows you to integrate any other application you may use to manage your live stream. We strongly recommend using Restream to create your live stream, as it is very easy for all participants and hosts. However you can also use other systems like Zoom by placing the link of the call where the speakers are.

In order to configure the backstage, just add the link from your Restream studio or other embeddable platform on the main stage tab of the cockpit of your event. Please note that in order to have the backstage activated, you need to enable it on both the main stage backstage section but also on the Look & Feel section.

You can set any attendee of your event as a “Speaker”, which will give them the rights to access the backstage section. This can be done before or during the event. Please check the video below for more details on how to set someone as “Speaker”.

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Updated on: 08/11/2021

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