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8. Create Rooms and Categories

Rooms are the most engaging feature of Veertly! But to get there, you need to configure them and prepare them for your attendees. This chapter helps you set up your rooms and create categories.

You can create simple video call rooms, add a variety and number of embedded applications, and whiteboard or collaboration tools!

Create rooms

To create a room, you need to be inside your event (you can use the backdoor access if the event is not live yet). In the room's area, you can create a room via the “Create room” button or settings menu on the top of the room's pane.

Quick demo on how to create a room

When creating a room, you can set:

Name of the room
Description of the event can be rich text (formatting, images, videos, links, etc.); this description is shown to all participants before joining the room.
Category, in which the room belongs too (you can select multiple categories or none, the latter will place the room on the main room's pane).
Applications, embeddable applications that your attendees can use while being together on the same video call.
Capacity of the room, under the advanced configuration, you can set the limit of attendees that can be connected in this room (please note that hosts can enter a room even if its capacity has been reached).
Room URL, in case you want to have a custom link to your room instead of the default one.
Tags that the users need to have in order to access this room.
Video call URL, in case you need to load, balance the video call to another server.

Create categories

Like the rooms, you can create a category by being in the room's area and click the “Create category” button via the settings menu on the top of the room's pane.

When creating a room, you can set:

Title of the category, which can be shown on the label of the category
Category URL, in case you want to have a custom URL for the rooms inside this category
Attendees can create rooms inside this category or not. In case the creation of rooms by attendees is disabled in the cockpit for this event, if this setting is enabled, attendees will still be able to create a room under this category. This allows you to control your event but still allows a free area for your attendees to define rooms.
Picture of the category card, which is visible on the main room pane. You can upload your own image or select one from
Gradient color and text color of the title allow you to customize/adapt the colors based on your category's image.

Once the category is created, it will be visible in the room's pane. By right-clicking on the category, you can edit the category, hide it to all participants, delete it or reorder the categories.

Add apps to rooms

You can add any web app that can be embeddable on a web page in a Veertly room. This allows you to extend your event much beyond video calls and engage with your audience!

You can create the following type of apps:

Web app: any web page that can be embeddable in another web page. You need to configure the name and the URL of the app.
Video player: this type of app allows you to embed any video from a video site (like youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, Facebook, etc.) or any live stream. You only need to provide the link to the video itself. This is using the same mechanism as the Main Stage, which allows you to have parallel live sessions in addition to the Main Stage.
Image: If you want to add an image to your app, you can use this type of app.

For inspiration on possible apps that you can add to your event, check our app store here.

Get inspired by possible room apps

With Veertly, you can easily add nearly any page that you wish! Check below how to add a photo booth and check our app store here.

In some specific cases, you may want to have your attendees join a specific room. You can also customize the link to your room by editing the URL on your room's edit page (under the advanced configuration). You can also edit the category URL that is part of the link of your room on the edit page of the category.

To get the direct link to a room, click with the right button of your mouse on a room, and you will have an option to get the link to the room or copy from the URL bar once you are inside the room.

Limit number of attendees in rooms

If you want to limit the number of people per room, you can set the number of attendees that are allowed to enter in the advanced configuration. By default, rooms are limited to 42 people, but you can increase to any number.

Apps for


Virtual Exhibition Stands:




Cosmo by Ubersnap:

Games (Various):


Multple online games:










Song Trivia:

Santa's North Pole:

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