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9. Manage Attendees

As a host, if you want, you can manage where your participants are inside your event. In order to get to the manage attendees feature, you can click your profile picture on the top right and select manage attendees.

On the manage attendees dialog, you can:

Move all attendees to the main stage: You can select which areas of your event the participants will be moved from. This allows you to include/exclude specific locations or rooms. You can also filter out the hosts and speakers from the move. Once you confirm the move, the selected attendees will be moved immediately to the main stage.
Shuffle attendees between the rooms: If you want to shuffle the attendees between the rooms, you can use this option to do it. It allows you to select the locations from which you want to move the participants and the rooms to which you want to shuffle them. You can do so too by tags. Similar to the move all option, you can also filter hosts and speakers from the move.
Drag and drop participants: This option allows you to move a set of participants by dragging and dropping them around the different locations. Please note that the more attendees you have, the slower this functionality will be; therefore, we suggest using the other options whenever possible.
Search attendees: You can use the search if you want to move only one participant. Once you found the desired person, click on his/her profile and use the settings dialog to choose the button “Move to...”. The same is possible if you click on any user profile in any location of the event.

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Updated on: 23/09/2021

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