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9. Networking

Networking is one of the core reasons people join events. So, this chapter will explain the limitless opportunities in the networking area.

Veertly’s networking allows attendees to interact in 1-1 conversations with the other participants or join other networking conversations until up to 4 people in each call. Participants are available to receive networking calls in two situations:
If the present system is enabled and the user is available, and if the user is not in a call, others can initiate the conversation with them.

Presence Switch

If the present system is not enabled and the user is inside the networking area without being in a call, other participants can initiate the conversation with them.

Once entering the networking area, participants can immediately initiate a conversation with one of the suggested participants or join an existing conversation with free space.

If the participants of a conversation want to make it private, they can do so by clicking on the 🔒 lock icon on the conversation card inside the networking pane.

We understand that you might want to use other tools for the networking area. Under the configuration tab, you can configure a custom URL for the networking to use a 3rd party system in the cockpit. When using a custom networking area, the present system is not available. In this setup, participants will not be able to initiate conversations with the other participants.

Some of the tools that we recommend for the networking area besides Veertly are:

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Updated on: 24/08/2021

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