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Are subtitles or multi-language streaming/simultaneous translations possible?

Our standard video tool does not offer subtitles at this time, but you can embed on our platform other videos tools that do like YouTube streams, Zoom or Powerpoint Live. Please see below the different options:

Simultaneous live translation:
Interprefy is the world’s leading cloud-based remote simultaneous interpretation technology. Interprefy can easily embedded into Veertly. Request more information here.
Zoom offers simultaneous interpretations within their video calls. As you know, you can easily embed Zoom into Veertly. More information can be found here.
Clevercast offers live simultaneous interpretations in pretty much all languages. A new live stream will be created and broadcasted to the specific audience. More information can be found here.
It is also possible to hire interpreters for multi-language streaming with Apps like Clevercast.

Closed captioning (e.g. translated subtitles):
PowerPoint Live can be embedded as an app into a Veertly room and has a great live subtitles and automated translation feature available. More info here.
SyncWords enables live subtitles and translations for OTT, broadcast and live streams nicely embeddable in Veertly. More info here.

Updated on: 11/08/2021

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