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FAQ - Subscription Manager


1. Can I create a free event on Veertly?

Yes, you can try our free plan and set up an event for up to 20 attendees for up to one hour. It’s the best option for a trial and to get to know Veertly better.

2. How can I create an event within a subscription?

In the cockpit within your subscription, you have the possibility to directly create an event within the limitation of your attendee credits and duration as defined in your plan.

3. Where can I find how many attendees and time is left in my subscription plan?

You can find the remaining number of attendees and time usage in the dashboard of your subscription manager

4. Who counts as an attendee?

Host, speakers and “normal” attendees count as attendees. Don’t worry about the invited amount of people. We only count and charge you for the ones that have really entered the event. This means also for multi-day events we only charge per unique attendee, not per day.

5. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking on “cancel subscription” at the bottom of the “my subscription” page in your cockpit. Cancellation can be revoked by the owner within the period of usage.

6. Can I have multiple subscriptions?

You can only have one subscription active per account. If you have the need for multiple subscriptions, we recommend to manage them with two different accounts (email addresses).

7. How can I change the invoice?

You can change your invoice within the subscription manager yourself. Simply click on ‘My subscriptions’ > ‘Billing & Invoices’ at the top right and update the invoice information.

8. Can only one person manage a subscription?

The person that sets up the subscription is the owner. The owner cannot be changed, but the owner can add team members to the subscription. Team members can be added directly in the ‘My Subscription’ tab within the "authorized users” section. All newly created events of these team members will count to your subscription.

9. At what times can I upgrade my subscription?

You can upgrade your subscription plan at any given time. Or ask us for a more tailored plan here.

10. How many days before my first event do I need to subscribe?

You can literally subscribe on the same day of your event. But we recommend you to start preparing the event a little earlier.

11. What is the billing date?

Right after the checkout, you (or the owner) will receive the invoicing information and billing will recur monthly/annually. You can see the recurrence and renewal date under “my subscription".

12. What are the subscription plans Veertly offers?

We offer three different Subscription plans. Each of them can be purchased on a monthly or a yearly base. Please follow this link to see the details of each plan. In this article you can find some examples of suitable use cases per plan.

13. What payment options does Veertly offer?

We offer credit card payments and SEPA transfers. In case you have questions regarding your payment or need a different payment method, please reach out to us here.

14. What happens if I reach or exceed my contingent of attendees?

Depending on the subscription plan we will charge you for the additional attendees in your billing cycle accordingly. You can find the corresponding prices in the dashboard of your Subscription Manager. Of course, we will warn you when you reach the attendee limit of your subscription.

Updated on: 13/01/2022

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