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How can I create categories?

Similar to the rooms, you can create a category by being in the rooms area and click the “Create category” button via the settings menu on the top of the rooms pane.

When creating a room, you can set:

Title of the category, which can be shown on the label of the category
Category URL, in case you want to have a custom url for the rooms inside this category
Attendees can create rooms inside this category or not. In case the creation of rooms by attendees is disabled in the cockpit for this event, if this setting is enabled, attendees will still be able to create a room under this category. This allows you to have control of your event, but still allow a free area for your attendees to define rooms.
Picture of the category card, which is visible on the main room pane. You can upload your own image or select one from
Gradient color and text color of the title, which allows you to customize/adapt the colors based on the image of your category.

Once the category is created it will be visible in the rooms pane. By right-clicking on the category, you can edit the category, hide it to all participants, delete it or reorder the categories.

Category Menu

Updated on: 13/08/2021

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