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How do I configure a website to be embeddable in an app?

In order to allow the integration of a website in a room app, the site that is being added as a web app needs to allow the embedding by the Veertly platform. This is achievable through the headers provided by the respective website.
Before allowing a webpage to be embeddable on an iframe, browsers check the headers the respective website provides. If it denies the embedding, the browser refuses to connect and an error is shown in Veertly.

To solve this issue, the following header must be returned by the origin website:

`Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors

More details can be found on the official documentation of this header: CSP: frame-src

Some older websites are including the header X-Frame-Options: DENY on their response which also prevents the embedding of the website on other pages. More details here: X-Frame-Options

You can check the headers sent on the response of any given website here: HTTP / HTTPS Header Check

Updated on: 18/11/2022

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