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How do I create a room?

In order to create a room, you need to be inside your event (you can use the backdoor access if the event is not live yet).

From the Rooms tab, you have the option to create any number of rooms. After clicking the "create room" button you will be prompted to fill out its name and add a description if you'd like. If you previously created categories for your rooms you can then choose to which it belongs to.

When creating a room, you can set:

Name of the room
Description of the event, which can be a rich text (formatting, images, videos, links, etc); this description is shown to all participants before joining the room.
Category, in which the room belongs too (you can select multiple categories or none, the latter will place the room on the main rooms pane).
Applications, embeddable applications that your attendees can use while being together on the same video call.
Capacity of the room, under the advanced configuration, you can set the limit of attendees that can be connected in this room (please note that hosts can enter a room even if its capacity has been reached).
Room URL, in case you want to have a custom link to your room instead of the default one.
Tags, that the users need to have in order to access this room.
Video call URL, in case you need to load balance the video call to another server.

Updated on: 13/08/2021

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