On the “Configuration” tab of your cockpit event, you can configure several parameters:

Rooms creation by attendees: Define if your attendees are allowed to create rooms or if this is only available for the hosts. If this is disabled, you can still allow your hosts to create rooms in a single category by enabling it in the category itself.
Allow creation of polls: Same as the rooms, you can allow or deny the creation of polls by your attendees.
View previous polls: If you want to hide the previous polls for your attendees, you can disable this setting.
Allow conversations: You can control if your attendees are allowed to start a conversation or not by enabling/disabling this setting.
Show presence switch: By default, participants are only available to network if they explicitly enter the networking area, so in this case there is no presence switch available on the top right. If this setting is enabled, participants can switch their presence availability directly on the top bar and be available to receive calls from other peers without needing to be inside the networking area. Please note that if you want your attendees to start conversations with others, the setting “Allow conversations” also needs to be enabled.
Allow joining rooms: If you desire, you can prevent your attendees to join rooms directly and control exactly in which rooms they are by disabling this feature and using the manage attendees feature.
Show number of attendees: By disabling this setting, you can hide all mentions to the number of attendees on each side pane.
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