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How to control access to an event?

You can configure the access to your event directly in the cockpit. There are three different modes:

Free access: your event is free and publicly accessible to everybody. On the event page the “Join event now” button will allow anyone to enter your event
Password protected: you will specify a common password for all attendees. On the event page the “Join event now” button will forward the attendees to a password prompt and if the password is correct, users will be able to enter the event. They will only need to submit this password once.
Guest list: if you want to control exactly who can access your event, you can set this mode and configure all the guests that have access to each mode. Each guest will have a unique access link that is not shareable (only one user can be online with the same link at the same time).

It is important to mention that you can have all these three modes enabled at the same time.

When communicating with your attendees before your event, please make sure they have the technical requirements to join the event without any issues. You can simply share the link to our technical check website for everyone to test upfront to have a smooth online event experience.

Updated on: 16/03/2022

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