Veertly is a highly customizable platform for online events. In every break-out room, you can embed different applications. One popular tool that hosts of workshops and events love to embed is the digital whiteboard Miro.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to embed Miro in your Veertly online event:

Option 1:
Open your Miro board and click on the button "export this board"
Select "</< Embed" and copy the iframe code
Paste it to a clipboard and keep only the URL part, i.e.,-869,2867,1537
Open your Veertly event and create a room
Click on ‘Add app’ and insert the Miro URL and hit ‘save’
Open your room and enjoy all the Miro functionalities

Option 2:
Open your Miro board and copy the URL e.g.
Replace ‘board’ with ‘live-embed’ e.g.
Create your Veertly room, add an app and insert the URL

Important: If people outside of your organisation need to access it, please make sure that ‘Anyone with the link’ can either view or edit the board.

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