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How to live stream video calls?

As a host or speaker of an event you have the ability to stream video calls. You can find the option on the video call menu to Start live stream through the ellipsis:


When you click to start, a dialog will pop up for you to enter the streaming destination:


You will need to use and enter an RTMP ingest server address as well as its stream key above.

Also the playback URL in the cockpit under Main Stage:


You will be able to get these values from the streaming server you are using. Please contact us if you need any support here.

Once live in the room and ready, just click Go live on the Main Stage too so your attendees can see:

Main Stage

When done with your live stream just click End Livestream on the Main Stage first:

End Livestream

Then stop the live stream in the room also, click again on the ellipsis button and you will have the Stop live stream option:

Just confirm it on the confirmation dialog and your live stream will be stopped.

If you do not have your own RTMP server, you can generate one directly within Veertly, given that you have it included in your plan. To set-up an RTMP server, simply go to your Event Cockpit > Streaming Destinations. Click on "New Destination" to create a server:

Create RTMP Destination

When you now start a new Live Stream from the Backstage, you can directly select this pre-set-up RTMP server.

If you need any assistance in obtaining an RTMP endpoint, contact our team and we will be happy to support you!

Please note that if you have already a recording in progress, you will not be able to start a live stream. Also if you have a live stream in progress you will not be able to start a recording. If recording of the live stream is needed, please ask our team to record.

Updated on: 15/11/2022

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