If you want to share the user profile with one of your apps, you can do that by using some placeholders in the app url itself. These placeholders will be replaced by the respective user information when embedding the app.

The available placeholders are:
__FIRST_NAME__ - User's first name.
__LAST_NAME__ - User's last name.
__UID__ - Unique if for that user. This is not the real uid of the user and not the same user ID that is shown on the exports of the dashboard due to privacy of the users.
__IS_HOST__ - if the user is host of the event, this will have the value 1 and 0 otherwise

Here is an example of a url that can be added in the app:


Please note that you, as the organizer, are responsible to inform your attendees that their personal information will be shared with third-party applications

You can also apply placeholders to a custom networking area.
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