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Pinning Rooms and Categories to the Navigation Bar ("Duplicating Rooms")

We are excited to introduce a new feature that allows hosts to pin rooms and categories to the navigation bar. This powerful addition expands the functionality of your event beyond the rooms area, enabling you to integrate room functionalities and app integrations directly into the main event space.

The ability to pin rooms and categories to the navigation bar offers several use cases to enhance your event experience. Some possible scenarios include:

Duplicating the Rooms Area:

Create multiple rooms areas within the main event space, each with its unique set of functionalities and content
Provide participants with specialized rooms dedicated to specific topics or activities

Creating Multiple Main Stages (with Tag-based Filtering):

Expand your event's main stage functionality by creating multiple main stages
Utilize tag-based filtering to categorize and organize sessions, making it easier for participants to navigate and find relevant content

Adding Apps to the Main Stage:

Enhance the main stage experience by integrating apps directly into the navigation bar
Incorporate interactive tools, polls, Q&A sessions, and more to engage participants and make the main stage more dynamic

Getting Started:

To begin using this feature, follow these steps:

Create the desired rooms or categories in the Rooms section of your event
In the event cockpit, open the navigation bar settings
Click the "+" button to add a new area
Choose the area type as either Room or Category
Select the relevant room or category you created earlier

New Area - Nav Bar

Customizing Pinned Rooms and Categories:

Once you have added a new area to the navigation bar, you can customize it according to your preferences. Here are some customization options:

Icon: Choose an icon that represents the room or category.
Label: Provide a clear and descriptive label for the pinned area.
Filters: Set up filters to refine the content or sessions displayed within the pinned area.

|| When using pinned rooms and categories, keep the following in mind:

* For pinned categories with an associated event map, the map will be displayed when users select the category.
* Pinned rooms will show a list of users in a similar manner to the main stage.
* If the rooms area is visible, users in pinned rooms will also be displayed there.
* You have the option to hide the rooms area or categories to avoid duplication.

We believe that this feature will take your events to new heights, offering unmatched customization and flexibility. We value your feedback, so please share your thoughts and suggestions for future improvements. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, our support team is here to help!

Updated on: 24/05/2023

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