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You can easily test if your set-up is fulfilling the requirements of the Veertly platform through this technical check page.

The amount of bandwidth required to attend a Veertly event is directly linked to the amount of people in the video-call. The system tries to adjust the quality of the call and participants video based on the bandwidth availability, but we suggest a good internet connection so that you have the best experience.

We suggest having at least a 50mbps internet connection in order to have a good quality call.

For more details on the calculations, please check these requirements:

Video Meetings Upstream:

Up to 3Mbps for video upload
40kbps for audio upload

Video Meetings Downstream:

2.5 Mbps for "On Stage" video in high quality
At least 500kbps for one incoming stream at the lowest quality
200kbps per thumbnail stream (excluding on-stage)
40kbps for audio
Downstream max bandwidth in a conference of n people would be 2.5Mbps + (n-2)200kbps + 40kbps

If you are facing connectivity issues, please make sure no other devices on your network are using extensively the internet bandwidth and preferably connect with a wired cable to avoid any noise from the wifi connection.

You can test your devices and network through the following link: WebRTC Troubleshooter
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