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What is the Subscription Manager?

Subscription Mananger

The Subscription Manager is a tool to organize, manage and set up your own events without any additional support.
You have the freedom to choose the plan that suits you best.

We offer you 3 different subscriptions but in case you have different needs please reach out to us and we’re more than happy to offer you a custom subscription.

Monthly Subscriptions

We highly recommend the use of a general/team account (email address), since only the subscribing account will be declared as "the owner" and can retrieve and edit billing/invoicing data.

Book a subscription:

First you can select one of our preset subscription models and the billing cycle. A Pop-up-window asking for your credentials appears after choosing your preferred model. Your billing address, country and VAT is crucial, as corresponding taxes are added at check out.

Pop-up 1

Pop-up 2

Pop-up 3

To ensure fast and easy billing, credit card payment or a SEPA transfer are the methods of choice.

Your subscription dashboard:

Now you are good to go and create your first event within your subscription.


Here you find an overview of your booked subscription as well as statistics like event-time usage, number of attendees available and number of created events. Those are directly available in your cockpit and within "my subscription“ on the left-hand side. Everything changes in real-time whenever you create a new event.


Under "authorized users" you find the owner of the subscription. The owner can add other members via email to create events on behalf of that subscription. Each person can only be added to one active subscription.

Authorized users

Add user

Each user can only have one active subscription

We recommend using a higher level email address for your team since the owner status can't be transferred
Billing & Payment:

Here you can review, change and download billing and invoice information as well as upgrade your subscription model to a higher model, respectively.
Awesome, now that everything is set, you can start creating your events!

Create events

Your can hit the "create event" button and every newly created event will show up in your subscription dashboard sorted by starting date.
The number of events and time usage are automatically updated within your stats.

Automatic update of your time usage

Updated on: 13/01/2022

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