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Which type of apps can I create?

You can create the following type of apps:

Web app: any web page that can be embeddable in another web page. You just need to configure the name and the url of the app.
Video player: this type of app allows you to embed any video from a video site (like youtube, vimeo, twitch, facebook, etc), or any live stream. You only need to provide the link to the video itself. This is using the same mechanism as the Main Stage, which allows you to have parallel live sessions in addition to the Main Stage.
Image: in case you just want to add an image to your app, you can use this type of app.
Contact card: Create small business cards for your attendees (read more here)

For inspiration of possible apps that you can add to your event, check our app store here.

Updated on: 19/08/2021

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